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Mexican Treefrog - Smilisca baudinii
This Mexican Treefrog (Smilisca baudinii)  which only enters  the U. S. at the southern tip of Texas  was photographed
by Gary Nafis in Cameron County and was initally selected as SWCHR's Photo of the Month for August,2008. Gary's
photograph  then  went  on to  win  him  SWCHR's  2008  Award  for  Excellence  in  Herpetological  Photography.
                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Gary Nafis

On Feburary 23, 2009 Gary Nafis of Seattle, Washington became the 2008 recipient of SWCHR's annual Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography.  Gary, who graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with an English major has operated the website since 2000. In addition, he has worked much of his life as a professional sound recording engineer in San Francisco and is currently based in Seattle, after living for a year in Austin Texas, but he says a return to California might be in the works. Lately, he has been involved with recording the calls of all of the western amphibians, along with making recordings for, which is attempting to create an archive of natural sounds of the west.

SWCHR's annual Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography consist of a commemorative plaque mounted certificate along with a $150 cash award.

At the time Gary's award was announced, he was traveling in India. After his return home, we managed to
get a photograph  of him  displaying his  award while  he was out in the field photographing  and recording
breeding Columbia Spotted Frogs.                                                                                                           

The Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography will continue to be presented on an annual basis. Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research is hopeful of being able to increase the cash portion of the award at some point in the future. SWCHR is very pleased with our first two years of having sponsored this award program that allows us to recognize and reward individuals who demonstrate a high degree of photographic excellence in the field of herpetology. For more information on how to participate in this program, please click here.

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Advancing knowledge and understanding of the herpetofauna of the American Southwest

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