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Trans-Pecos Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster) feeding on a Tomato Hornworm - Travis Dimler wins SWCHR's 2010 Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography
This Trans-Pecos Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster) was found  feeding on a
Tomato Hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata) and photographed  in Brewster Co., Texas
by Travis Dimler of  Fort Stockton, Texas. This is  believed to be the first reported observation
of  this species  feeding  on a  Tomato Hornworm.  Travis' exceptional  photograph was  initally
selected  as  SWCHR's   Photo of the Month  for   August, 2010.   The image went on to win
Travis    SWCHR's     2010   Award   for   Excellence   in   Herpetological    Photography.
                                                                                                                Photo by Travis Dimler

On Feburary 25, 2011 Travis Dimler of Fort Stockton, Texas became the recipient of SWCHR's 2010 Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography. Travis, who has contributed several photographs to the SWCHR web site over the past two years submitted this image last August and it was selected as our Photo of the Month for that month.  SWCHR's annual Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography consist of a commemorative plaque mounted certificate, and a $150 cash award.

Travis Dimler in his native habitat displaying this 2010 Award for Photographic Excellence in Herpetological Photography from SWCHR
Travis Dimler  displays his  2010  Award  for  Excellence  in  Herpetological  Photography
against a backdrop of the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas that he calls home.                              

We asked Travis to tell us a little about himself and he was kind enough to do so. "I am 25 years old, graduated from Texas Tech in 2009 with my masters degree in Animal Science. I am currently working and living on a ranch in Pecos and Terrell Counties of Texas and loving the fact that I am finally living in the Trans-Pecos. My interest in Trans-Pecos herps is the largest contributing factor to my choice to reside here. My interest isn't just limited to field herping, I also maintain a small collection of locality Texas snakes, as well an extensive collection of Fire Salamanders (Salamandra ssp.) I picked up photography seriously in about 2004 and really enjoy the challenge, and the rewards of a keen photograph to remember a specific animal and hopefully some of the habitat where it was found. I shoot Nikon gear and process in Photoshop and Lightroom."

The Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography will continue to be presented on an annual basis. SWCHR is very pleased with our first four years of having sponsored this award program that allows us to recognize and reward individuals who demonstrate a high degree of photographic excellence in the field of herpetology. For more information on how to participate in this program, please click here.  During the prior three years SWCHR's Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography has been bestowed on Jason Penney, Gary Nafis, and Will Wells,

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