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   Are you a field herpetologist or a herpetoculturlist working with species native to the American Southwest? Do you
   have a paper or an article you have written that you would like to find a permanent respository for? Want to be
   assured that you will always be able to share it with the world? Why not submit it to the Southwestern Center for
   Herpetological Research
for possible use in our quarterly publication, the SWCHR Bulletin. We accept top quality
   manuscripts from both members and non-members.

To be accepted for publication, your submission must deal with herpetological species native to the American Southwest. Such topics as field notes, county checklists, range extensions, taxonomy, reproduction and breeding, diseases, snake bite and venom research, captive breeding and maintenance, conservation issues, legal issues, etc. are all acceptable topics. We do not accept just "stories" about your collecting experiences UNLESS they contain some scientific merit that would be of interest to other individuals working with species native to the American Southwest either professionally or as a serious hobbyist. Articles or papers that you have previously had published are acceptable, providing that you still hold the copyright to the work and have the right to re-publish it. If your paper or article is accepted for this section, you will still continue to be the copyright holder. If your submission has been previously published, please provide the name of the publication it appeared in along with the date of publication.

All submissions should be 'manually proofed' in addition to being 'spell checked' and should be submitted by email to the SWCHR Bulletin Editor as either Word or Text documents.


We need photographs to illustrate all of the taxa that we have listed as occurring within the six southwestern states that we cover. Due to the number of species and subspecies involved and to the fact that some of them are exceedingly rare or have very restricted ranges, this project is obviously going to be a long and involved endeavor and therefore we need to enlist your assistance in its accomplishment.

Arizona Mountain Kingsnake - Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana
        Arizona Mountain Kingsnake  (Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana)
                                                                              Photo by Bill Koenig
If you have quality photographs (that you own the rights to) of taxa native to the American Southwest and if you are willing to share them with other interested individuals using the Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research (SWCHR) web site, please submit them to us by email for consideration. It is our intent to have the work of a great variety of today's many excellent herpetological photographers displayed as part of our species lists. We also need habitat photographs for various taxa occuring in the American Southwest.

Submission of photographs constitutes an agreement by the photographer to allow all submitted photographs to be published on the Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research web site, in the SWCHR Bulletin, or for publicity releases. However, the photographer retains all other rights to the future use of the submitted photographs. SWCHR will provide you with the customary credit line for each photograph that we use and for those photographs we use on the SWCHR web site we will include an email or web site link back to you (if you desire such a link). We will also acknowledge your contribution on our Credits and Acknowledgements page.


Each month one of the photos (excluding habitat photographs) that we have used during the month is selected and featured as the Photo of the Month and the photographer will receive a check for $25.00.  In addition, the photographer automatically becomes a nominee for our annual Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography. We give equal consideration to photographs submitted by both our members and non-members alike. Final selection of each Photo of the Month is done by a vote of our entire membership.

Please note that we DO NOT automatically consider all photographs that you post on any of the SWCHR Discussion Forums for use in other sections of the SWCHR web site, in the SWCHR Bulletin, or for our Photo of the Month. Just becaue you post a photograph to one of the forums, we have no way of knowing that your intent is to allow us to use it elsewhere. So please submit those images that you desire to have us consider for usage in other areas of the SWCHR web site such as in the our species listings, in the SWCHR Bulletin, and ultimately for possible recognition as the Photo of the Month directly to us via email.  Occasionally, we may see a posted photograph on the forums that we know that we would like to use and we may contact you for permission to use it, but don't rely on that always happening. If you have photographs that you think we might be interested in using, please just go ahead and email them to us.


During February of each year the Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research will present an Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography for the most outstanding herpetological photograph submitted to SWCHR during the prior year. Only photographers who had one or more images selected as a Photo of the Month during the prior calender year will be considered for selection to receive the Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography. This award can not be divided between two or more persons and a single person must be selected by our panel of judges to receive the award. The recipient of the Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography will receive a commemorative plaque mounted certificate along with a check in the amount of $150.00.


º  Submit only high quality digital images. Images must be in a jpg format. Submit images by email.

º  There is no limit on the number of photographs you may submit or how frequently you may make submissions.

º  Previously published photographs are acceptable, providing you still own the copyright to them.

º  Submitted photographs must be of herpetological taxa that are native to the six states that we have defined as being
   the American Southwest. Images must be correctly identified as to species (and subspecies if appropriate) and the
   location (County and State) from which the specimen originates. We also solicit the submission of habitat
   photographs for taxa occuring in the American Southwest but habitat photographs are not eligible for and will not be
   considered for Photo of the Month or the annual Award for Excellence in Herpetological Photography.

º  Photographs may be taken in the field or in the studio but should utilize a 'naturalistic' setting for the species being

º  When submitting photographs please do not send more than seven or eight photographs in a single email to avoid
   problems with our mail server. If you have a larger number of images to submit, please break them up into multiple
   emails or put them all into a zip file before sending them.

º  Please include your name, mailing address and email address with each submission. Please indicate if you desire for
   either your email address or web site url to be linked to your credit line if we use your photograph.

º  Needless to say all photographs submitted should be the work of the photographer making the submission.

º  Please bear in mind that SWCHR is looking for striking photographs of the herpetofauna of the American Southwest
   that depict species in a natural looking habitat or setting. Images are evaluated based upon originality, composition,
   color, technical excellence, and overall impact on the viewer.

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