Nevada State and Federally Protected Species

The State of Nevada lists Threatened or Protected taxa under Sec.503.075 and 503.080 of the Nevada Administrative Code (N.A.C.). It is important to note that in some cases protection is provided at the species level, but in other cases protection is provided at the subspecies level.

There is no open season for Threatened or Protected species, but they may be collected or possessed with the possession of a valid Scientific Collecting Permit.

Unprotected species MAY NOT be commercially collected without a commercial collecting permit.

This information is not legal advice and may not be currently accurate as state fish and game laws can change at any time. It is the responsibility of the individual to understand and follow the laws of each state, which includes the procurement of the proper permits required in each state to conduct any and all field herping activities.

The species or subspecies listed below are those that are Threatened or Protected under Sec. 503.075 and 503.080 of the Nevada Administrative Code; Chapter 503.

  • Amphibians
    • Bufo nelsoni  (Amargosa Toad)
    • Rana luteiventris  (Spotted Frog)
    • Rana onca  (Relict Frog)
    • Rana pipiens  (Northern Leopard Frog)
  • Lizards
    • Elgaria coerulea palmeri  (Sierra Alligator Lizard)
    • Elgaria coerulea shastaensis  (Shasta Alligator Lizard)
    • Heloderma suspectum  (Gila Monster)
  • Snakes
    • Lampropeltis pyromelana  (Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake)
    • Lichanura trivirgata  (Rosy Boa)
  • Turtles
    • Gopherus agassizii  (Desert Tortoise)