Utah State and Federally Protected Species

The State of Utah uses the following classifications for the collection and possession of wild reptiles and amphibians:

Prohibited — Prohibited species cannot be collected or possessed in any number without a variance (exception) obtained from the Utah Wildlife Board.

Non-controlled — Most non-controlled species can be collected and possessed in any number, and no permit is required. There are four native non-controlled lizard species that do require a permit for collection and that have bag/possession limits.

Controlled — Controlled species may be legally taken from the wild, up to the legal bag and possession limits, but a collection permit or certificate of registration is required. A collection permit may be obtained by meeting certain requirements and completing an orientation course.

A list of Utah Prohibited, Non-controlled and Controlled species, and information regarding how to obtain collecting permits can be found on the Species Tables for Utah’s Reptiles and Amphibians.

This information is not legal advice and may not be currently accurate as state fish and game laws can change at any time. It is the responsibility of the individual to understand and follow the laws of each state, which includes the procurement of the proper permits required in each state to conduct any and all field herping activities.

The following is a list of Utah’s Prohibited Species:

  •  Amphibians
    • Anaxyrus boreas  (Boreal Toad)
    • Anaxyrus microscaphus  (Arizona Toad)
    • Lithobates onca  (Relict Leopard Frog)
    • Rana luteiventris  (Columbia Spotted Frog)
  • Lizards
    • Heloderma suspectum  (Gila Monster)
  • Turtles
    • Gopherus agassizii  (Mojave Desert Tortoise)